Oversize goods home delivery & logistics

CarryAll – Oversize goods home delivery & logistics

We established CarryAll with the aim to provide our customers with a unique and customised service.

Our business was founded in the year of 2008 and we have been delivering high quality service to our clients ever since.

We are confident that our extensive knowledge and experience in logistics will enable us to be your best partner, a partner you can rely on. Our priority is to meet all needs of our clients. We are proud to say that we also include B2B,B2C & C2C amongst our many services.

Our comprehensive delivery package includes oversized home deliveries and installation.

All members of our business partners hold many years of experience in logistics and we are particularly knowledgeable in the area of industrial environmental investments.  We are also delighted to offer a wide range of services such as unique size, shape and weight parcel delivery.

We recognised that the logistical market was lacking a business where customers’needs come first. Unfortunately, it is too common when the customers’ needs are overlooked by the company’s interest to make as much profit as possible and not being considerate about the long-term relationship with their customers. We strongly believe that satisfied clients mean a successful business.

We understand that meeting deadlines are crucial and we know that delay can be costly as well as frustrating.This is why we invested all our experience, resources and knowledge into CarryAll and we are committed to look after our clients the best we can.

Over the years, we have gained invaluable insight knowledge of the industry and built relationships which are extremely important to the success of our business.

Our succes is our philosophy: transparency, high quality performance and collaboration.

Logistics services

Transport & home delivery

  • delivery of overweight and oversized goods to B2B & B2C customers
  • transportation of unpalletized packages  to B2B & B2C customers
  • transportation of packages with extra loading personel
  • home delivery of rolled products, long materials, building engineering equipment, sanitary ware, doors and windows, leisure products, etc.
  • emplacement of packages according to room of choice service
  • removing old equipments (furnitures, household goods, white & browngoods, etc.)
  • removing packagings (cardboards, metalic parts, wood, plastic foil, etc.)

Warehousing & fullfillment

  • fullfillment service for (web)stores for oversized goods
  • floor or rack storing of commodities
  • packing, labeling
  • comissioning
  • return logistics
  • installation
  • repairing