Oversize goods home delivery & logistics

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my parcel?

You can check the current status of your parcel on our tracking page https://arrakis.carryall.hu/tracking by entering the tracking number of your parcel. Alternatively, you will receive a tracking link in every email about the status of your parcel, which will load the requested page with the parcel status.

You will be notified of the delivery of your parcel by email and SMS the day before delivery. If you have purchased flexible delivery, we will give you the day of delivery and a whole day interval. If you have chosen time-caps, we will give you the day of delivery and the time-caps.

Will my parcel be brought into the building?

If you have requested a room of choice service for your order, you can designate ONE room within the property for the delivery agent to deliver your order – ATTENTION this room must be accessible without accident or damage – if there is a risk of personal injury or damage to property, the courier may refuse to deliver inside the property.

If you have not ordered a room of choice service, the place of delivery is the area in front of the first lockable door closing the property = the door closing the staircase in a block of flats, the gate in a garden house.

Can I request my parcel to be sent to another address?

You can change the delivery address of your parcel, but only up to 48 hours before delivery. It is possible to change the address within the municipality the day before delivery – you can also ask the courier to do this. IMPORTANT: we only accept requests for change of address in writing, please send it to ugyfelszolgalat@carryall.hu with the tracking nr of the parcel.

Can I request my parcel for another date?

If you have requested a time window-based delivery method, please contact the Sender – our Customer will adjust the delivery date and time according to your request and his availability.

If you have purchased a non-time-window delivery method, you will only have 48 hours before delivery to make your request. Please note that with flexible delivery, we are not able to schedule a delivery for a specific day and time.

How can I contact customer service?

Our customer service is available on working days between 08:30-16:30. Please note that our telephone customer service is busy, so please contact us in writing.

Can I get in touch with the courier?

The phone number of the delivery colleague will be sent to you the day before the delivery in an email message with the delivery date and time. PLEASE contact the delivery agent on the day of delivery only, it is not advisable to call the day before as he/she will not be able to answer any questions you may have.

Can I collect my parcel in person?

Yes, but only by prior arrangement with our customer service/agent – please write to ugyfelszolgalat@carryall.hu.

The notice email says my parcel will be deliveredr on Saturday or Sunday – is this true?

Our company delivers on Saturday and Sunday as well – so the message in the notification about weekend delivery is correct.

How do I pay for my parcel?

You can pay cash or by credit card at our couriers – please prefer to pay by card if you have the means. If you are paying by cash – please have the exact amount ready to speed up the delivery process.

Can the packaging of the order be opened on receipt?

The packages are delivered after digital signature of the order and payment of the COD amount (if COD). Before that the parcel cannot be unpacked. The receipt will certify that the packaging is intact, that it is correct by number of items and will include the amount of COD paid. If there is any external damage to the packaging, this must be recorded in the presence of the courier, even in digital form on the device at the courier’s premises.

I did not receive what I wanted to order

If you have not been sent the product you ordered, please report your complaint to the Sender. Our company is responsible for the delivery of orders, the contents of which are not our responsibility.